Traffic Offences

Traffic offences of all types may be dealt with by a Court, and many people charged with such offence seek the services of an experienced traffic lawyer. Call (02) 9533 2269 to discuss your case.

Minor Traffic Offences

If you receive a Penalty Notice and elect to have the charge dealt with by a Court, you may wish to seek legal advice on your options.

Many people who are concerned about losing their licence (or simply having a blemish on their Traffic record) may not realise that pleading Not Guilty to a traffic offence is not always the best course of action.

If you did not commit the offence, or there is some other cogent reason why you should not be found Guilty of the offence, then by all means, dispute the offence and have a Magistrate hear all the evidence and then determine whether you are Guilty or not.

Traffic OffencesBut if the offence was actually committed by you but you wish to argue that you should not be subjected to the penalty for a particular reason, then you should not be pleading Not Guilty – this will only waste the Court’s time and in the end result you are unlikely to then gain much sympathy from the Magistrate no matter what your reasons are for seeking that no penalty, or a lesser penalty, be imposed.

Call us in relation to your traffic offences at an early stage, so you don’t run into this very common error. We are experienced traffic offence lawyers and we will be able to advise you on what course of action  to take, and whether or not it would be beneficial for you to be represented at the hearing.

Major Traffic Offences

Of course, if you have been charged with a major type of traffic offence – an offence where the penalty could possibly involve a term of imprisonment, or lengthy periods of disqualification and/or large fines, you should consider retaining a traffic offence lawyer at an early stage to ensure that your defence (or your mitigating circumstances) are presented to the Court in the best possible manner.

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We  will give you advice on whether you should be pleading Guilty or Not Guilty, and run your case so as to achieve the best outcome in the circumstances.

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