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Low Range PCA Penalties - Drink Driving Lawyers

Courts view all drink driving charges seriously, and convictions are imposed for almost all such charges. However, with a well argued and presented submission on sentence in a Low Range PCA matter, it is certainly very possible for an experienced drink driving lawyer to persuade a Court to not record a conviction.

Convictions can have significant and long lasting consequences for people, particularly in relation to employment opportunities. There are some types of employment (e.g. armed forces) for which a conviction may well preclude employment altogether, but it is common nowadays for employers across the board to require criminal record checks before taking employees on. Although a conviction may not necessarily bar you from a particular job, it is very likely to put you at a distinct disadvantage if you are competing against a similarly qualified person who does not have any convictions.

A criminal record can also have impacts on your ability to travel internationally, obtain a firearms licence and more.

If it is possible to obtain an outcome from the Court which will not result in a criminal record, it is certainly extremely desirable, and in your interests to do your utmost to attempt to achieve this. Particularly if your case is on the borderline of a conviction or no conviction being recorded, an experienced drink driving lawyer may be the difference between these 2 very different outcomes. (For more detailed information on avoiding drink driving convictions, also known as section 10 drink driving NSW, click here).

Even if a non conviction is not possible or able to be achieved, the majority of people charged with Low Range drink driving (or any criminal offence for that matter) would prefer to retain a lawyer than risk heavier penalties by appearing for themselves, so as to minimise the consequences of drink driving, because any penalty for drink driving in NSW can affect your life.

Low Range PCA offences are common in Courts throughout Sydney, and Magistrates can become jaded when they hear the same sob stories, excuses and so on, day after day after day. It is very important, therefore, to ensure that all relevant facts and circumstances are put before the Magistrate so they can all be taken into account before a decision is arrived at.

Penalties for Drink Driving NSW:

Low Range PCA Penalties

1st Offence:

For a Low Range drink driving offence where the offence is considered the 1st offence (within a 5 year period), the following Low Range PCA penalties and sentences may apply:

  • Maximum fine of $1,100
  • Automatic disqualification period of 6 months (which can, in certain circumstances, be reduced, but not increased)
  • Maximum disqualification period of 6 months
  • Minimum disqualification period of 3 months

2nd Offence:

For a second or subsequent Low Range drink driving offence (within a 5 year period), the penalties and sentences are increased significantly, and the following High Range PCA penalties may apply:

  • Maximum fine of $2,200
  • Automatic disqualification period of 12 mopnths
  • Potentially unlimited maximum disqualification period
  • Minimum disqualification period of 6 months

Unlike Mid Range and High Range drink driving offences, you cannot be jailed for a Low Range drink driving charge.

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