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Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

You are no doubt wanting to know more about drink driving lawyers Sydney if you have been caught for drink driving, as you will now appreciate (if you did not already know) that drink driving is a criminal offence for which you will need to appear in Court.

drink driving lawyers SydneyThat being the case, don’t delay – call us today on (02) 9533 2269, in order to discuss your particular situation and how we can help you maximise your chances of receiving as light a penalty as possible.  If you intend to plead guilty, it is in your interests to do that at the first available opportunity (i.e. the first time the matter is listed in Court) so as to obtain the full benefit of a discount for an early plea of guilty. But although pleas of guilty are common, there are matters where a plea of guilty is not in your best interests even if your breath test did return a positive reading, so you should not to do anything in terms of appearing in Court before you get legal advice on exactly what your options are.

Drink driving is a serious matter and the Courts in and around Sydney are clogged daily with long lists of people charged with PCA offences (driving with a Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol in the blood) – colloquially known as “drink driving” or “DUI”.  Because of this, Magistrates often do not take too kindly to excuses being given to them.  Giving a well thought through explanation of a person’s background and circumstances tends to go a long way toward a likelihood of receiving a more lenient penalty, while excuses can have the opposite effect.  And it is sometimes a fine balance between an excuse and an explanation. You would do well to retain a good DUI lawyer to put the best case forward on your behalf.

So turning to an expert drink driving lawyer who appears in Courts across Sydney on a several times weekly basis, is obviously likely to provide a more optimal outcome than trying to “go it alone”.  After all, many people charged with drink driving have never been in a Courtroom before in their lives, and the huge majority certainly don’t do it on a regular basis!

You Need a Good Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney for the Following Matter Types:

Drink driving in New South Wales falls into 3 main categories:

Low Range – a reading of 0.05 up to but less than 0.08
Mid Range – a reading of 0.08 up to but less than 0.15
High Range – a reading of 0.15 or more

There are also another 2 categories that apply to holders of a Learner Licence or a Provisional Licence or those who do not hold a Licence:

Novice Range – a reading of more than 0 up to but less than 0.02
Special Range – a reading of 0.02 up to but less than 0.05

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence, the paperwork given to you by the Police probably outlines one of these 5 offences.

DUI Lawyers SydneyPenalties for drink driving offences include convictions, fines, and licence disqualification (as well as considerably more serious outcomes for the more serious of the offences, or even the moderate offences if there are aggravating factors).

Whether you will be sentenced to any of these outcomes (assuming a plea of guilty or finding of guilt) will depend upon your particular personal circumstances, the circumstances of the actual offence, and a good plea in mitigation being made on your behalf by experienced DUI lawyers Sydney or elsewhere.

Legal Aid is not available for drink driving matters, except in relatively rare circumstances (including the likelihood of a jail sentence).

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